Questions about or for Tzitzi-Poc ?

You can find them at [email protected] , or calling (+40) 735 536 805 or on social media.

Partners, teachers, parents. Extraordinary people who we met during our journey and who are supporting us. A lot of passion, challenges, commitment and involvement, all these are involved in order to have a real impact in the emotional education of kids.

Future Makers

In the Future Makers competition from 2018, Tzitzi-Poc was chose to be the winner from many great teams and wonderful ideas. The award was a confirmation that what we do has a true impact and gave us, besides a financial boost, a boost of energy and desire to keep up with the good work. We are grateful to be part of the Future Makers community. Their support was really helpful until now and it still is.

The Romanian Association of Psychodrama

We are really careful with the messages that are being transmitted through our plays. That’s why ARPsiC looks over the Tzitzi-Poc materials. From the theater plays to the ancillaries for parents and teachers and also the story books, ARPsiC makes sure all of these are well psychologically thought.

Kindergartens and Schools

The German Kindergarten Fridolin

A magic kindergarten where we felt great from the first day. Kids are always happy to see us and they smile and hug us everytime we go there. Because the kids told us they want to draw Tzitzi and Poc, we knew again that the idea of the colouring book is great.

Just4Kids Kindergarten

We met the Just4Kids Kindergarten over a year ago now and we feel them close to us. It was the first Kindergarten with which we started the meetings with the principals in order to promote the Tzitzi-Poc theater, so it represents a place that we will always remember smiling. Children had always creative answears during the plays, that both entertained and surprised us.

Fireflies kindergarten

At the Fireflies Kindergaten we felt like entering a new world. At the first show that we had there, while getting ready to start, the kids were singing and waiting for us with a smile on their face. We can’t wait to see them again!

Sfantul Andrei Kindergarten

This was the place where the idea of multiple plays with the same characters started. We remember even now, it was in April, 2018. We met people who have the same moral values as us and who see the emotional development of kids as a must in their kindergarten. We go there once a month and wee see them as good friends.

Prichindel Kindergarten

There’s a special moment that pops out when we think of this kindergarten. The day we had our first show there, kids had a challenge to overcome. In order to get to the room where the play was supposed to tke placa, they had to enter the room where we had our props. Along with Mirona, they tried a trust exercise: they all closed their eyes and walked one behind the other, holding their hands, so that they don’t see what we prepared for them. We felt they were curious of what was around them, but also all in the challenge they accepted.

Get involved too!

If you are part of an ONG or you know companies, kindergartens, schools or teachers who need the tools for developing emotional intelligence for kids, you can introduce us to them.

If your team wants to start a new project for kids, where theater or other inovative instruments of learning are relevant to you, write us.