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You can find them at [email protected] , or calling (+40) 735 536 805 or on social media.


The Tzitzi-Poc project is built for children between 2 and 8 years old, for their parents, grandparents, teachers and any other adults who surround themselves with children. The Tzitzi-Poc shows are created under psychological supervision and the situations that are displayed during the plays are inspired from reality, showing themes such as joy, sadness, anger, how and why to learn, social responsibility and many more.

Tzitzi, a perpetual dreamer, is a mouse who thinks that if a dream is big enough, then you have greater chances to succeed. Since he is a library mouse, who loves books and reading, he discovered in the Great Encyclopedia of the World a new species of dinosaur: the Blueable Lovable, the most talented of them all. He realises he really wants to meet one and because he is ambitious and crafty, he builds his own time machine, and travels back in time 65 million years to do so. When he gets there, he only finds one egg. He takes it home, cares for it and gives it all the love it needs. One day, the egg hatches and Poc comes out, instantly becoming his best friend.

Poc is a cheerful and lively dinosaur, who loves both food and nature. He likes to play, dance and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Actually, his colour, blue, comes from all the fruits that the dinosaur cherishes so much. He likes to tell riddles and has really good grades at school. Above all, he is a reliable friend.

Tzitzi’s mission, along with the kids, is to help Poc discover the mysteries and the challenges of this world and to learn how to identify and manage emotions.


With the help of theatrical art and story, we want to create the perfect environment where kids learn how to identify emotions and manage them.

Studies in the psychological field proved that it is not enough to develop intellectual abilities of kids. The ability to be aware of emotions, to manage them in a proper way or to make friends is also important. Besides, the ability to understand and describe emotions are necessary for showing empathy. Theater is a great tool for learning. It gives important contexts that allow interactive learning and that give children a different environment where to identify and manage emotions.


The Tzitzi-Poc project is up and running with the help of passionate and dedicated people, who put together abilities from fields like: psychology, creative writing, sales, graphic and branding design, web development, communication, screenwriting, theater directing, editing and some others abilities without whom Tzitzi and Poc would not be here today.

Andra Mirescu

Tisha, as friends know her, is an actor at Ion Creanga Theatre, working also with Lightwave
theatre company and other independent theatres. She tough acting at different schools and kindergartens and has been working with kids for over 9 years now. When playing the role for Poc, she instantly captures the kids’ hearts and minds.

Mădălina Nicola

Madalina is both an actor and a trainer with experience in non-formal education. She is passionate about culture and started working with kids as an origami teacher. Now, she plays in shows for kids, holds acting classes, creative workshops and voice dubbing . As Tzitzi, she wants to bring out in kids and other people the passion for knowledge and
tolerance for everything that is new.

Mihaela Țîmpău

Mihaela discovered her passion for working with kids while working with Mirona in a kids events agency. Her organisational skills complement the creative skills of Mirona. She manages both Client Relations and Sales for the project

Mirona Păun

Entrepreneur from 2007, Mirona is the creative spirit behind the Tzitzi-Poc Project. She aims to positively impact the local community through everything that she does. Serving also as the President of the “First School” Association, she has ample experience in working with teenagers, parents and teachers. She co-founded Cufarul Fermecat, the second biggest store of carnival costumes in Bucharest. She is a teacher in the “A.D.Xenopol” Highschool. She is also a children’s and teenagers’ psychotherapist in training.